Glaxon Liver+ Synergy - Healthy Liver

Glaxon’s Liver+ Synergy is a comprehensive liver formula complete with antioxidants, adaptogenic herbs, and bile acids that support overall liver function.*  We’ve harnessed the power of one of the world’s most potent forms of Milk Thistle, Siliphos® which is a standardized extract combined with phospholipids into what’s known as a phytosome with unparalleled bioavailability.*   Liver+ Synergy also features the hepatoprotectant, Picroliv® from the Kutki plant.  Then to finish it off, we provide some of the most dominant antioxidants in the body Setria® L-Glutathione, along with its precursor, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine to protect your liver from free-radicals.