Bpi Sports - KillerBee Pre-Workout by Method Man (25 Serv)

Killer Bee Pre (by Method Man) is not just an extension of this philosophy, but it’s a tool to help you keep that Commitment to Training and maintain a Fit Lifestyle.

You may have tried other Pre Workouts in the past, but Killer Bee is next level! Now you may be asking, “is it real son, is it really real?”

And the answer is YES! A powerful blend of Guarana, Theobromine, and Caffeine is designed to energize your workout like never before, while a huge dose of Citrulline Malate combined with Glycerol Monostearate is in there, intended to the deliver the endurance, pump, and hydration monumental workouts demand! And when it comes to taste Killer Bee Pre Artic Sting is raisin’ hell with the flavor.

So if you are ready for the commitment, the lifestyle and the results, Mef invites you to join the clan and get into Killer Bee Pre… You’re gonna have insane workouts - take it as a threat, better yet a promise!