MuscleTech Performance Series Test HD Thermo, 90 Count

MuscleTech Test HD Thermo - Muscle, Strength & Vitality! Thermogenic Testosterone Booster! Meant to Boost Total & Free Testosterone, Energy & Performance!

The Perfect, All-In-One Solution Designed To Boost Free Testosterone And Fire Up Thermogenesis!


Testosterone is an important hormone that supports muscle and strength gains. TEST HD THERMO is a dual-action musclebuilding and thermogenic formula, designed to increase testosterone production to support anabolic activity while simultaneously delivering a key ingredient that boosts thermogenesis.

  • Increase Energy and Performance- 2TEST HD THERMO delivers a powerful dose of caffeine designed to enhance energy, for better athletic performance during your toughest workout sessions
  • KSM-66, MACA, LONGJACK & MORE- TEST HD THERMO also features the premium branded ingredient KSM-66 Ashwagandha, clinically shown to support testosterone levels, strength, muscle size and performance.
  • 8 week study- In fact, in an 8-week, randomized,double-blind, placebo-controlled study, subjects taking theprecise dose of KSM-66 found in TEST HD THERMO and ollowing a training program significantly increased armmuscle size as measured via maximal cross-sectional area ay 67% more than the placebo group. TEST HD THERMO alos features mace, long jack and safe muslin.

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