Muscle & Strength India

Muscle & Strength India Perfect Whey

  • 23gms per serving fast acting protein.
  • Cross Flow Filtered Whey
  • 99.9% Lactose free
  • Zero Sugar
  • With added Digestive Enzymes & Herbs
  • Added Testosterone Booster

Muscle & Strength India has crafted the Perfect Wheyblend for athletes, fitness enthusiast, bodybuilders & dieters who want to supplement their nutrition with highest quality protein.


Muscle & Strength IndiaPerfect Whey blend is made using instantized whey protein concentrate & isolate. Both excellent source of all the essential amino acids, including branched chain amino acids & glutamine, which provide support for muscle tissue and recovery from exercise.


Sourced & Under Technical Guidance Of USA 🇺🇸 

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