Universal Nutrition

Animal Nitro EAA 44 Packs

Animal Nitro uses ratios of specific and proven Essential Amino Acids (EEAs) that are modeled after human muscle tissues, to ensure superior and rapid absorption, with a full spectrum of BCAA’s for optimal muscle growth.

Scientifically Formulated Based on the Human Muscle Protein Complex

  • Research-backed Ratios of EAA’s Based on HMPC

    Optimal formula with 6000mg of 100% uncoupled EAA’s ensure superior and rapid absorption

  • The Key to Bigger and Stronger Muscle

    Build new muscle mass, and recover faster, by enhancing protein synthesis

  • Boosts Anabolism and Prevents Catabolism

    Actively boosts muscle growth while helping to protect your muscles from breaking down

  • Perfect Grab-and-Go Essential Amino Acid Supplement

    Get your EEA’s and BCAA ’s and in convenient packs for anytime and anywhere