Stimulate protein synthesis, halt muscle breakdown, and accelerate muscle repair with Recover EAA™!

What is Recover EAA™?

Recover EAA™ is a complete essential amino acid supplement, supplying all nine essential amino acids your muscles require to build and repair protein.

Really, ANOTHER EAA Supplement?

Yeah, yeah, yeah...we know what you’re thinking.

EAAs are the darling of the supplement industry at the moment, with virtually every company releasing some type of essential amino acid supplement within the past 12 months.

Surely consumers don’t need yet another copycat EAA supplement, right?

But, here’s thing.

Take a close look at those other EAA formulas, and you’ll notice a few things:

  • They add in tons of “filler” amino acids like glutamine, taurine, and glycine to bulk up the total amino count
  • They under-dose the most important (and expensive) amino acids
  • They completely leave out one or two of the essential amino acids because they are difficult to flavor
  • They taste terrible

Recover EAA™ was formulated to address the shortcomings rampant in the amino acid market and provide a formula that not only supplies quality doses of ALL NINE essential amino acids, but delivers “enhanced recovery” that you’ll feel and notice from the very first serving.

Down below we’ll explain in greater detail why Recover EAA™ is markedly different from any other EAA supplement on the market, but first, here’s the “50,000 foot view” of the product…

Recover EAA™ Features

  • Massive dose of EAA's (over 14g!) to stimulate protein synthesis
  • 10g (2:1:1) of BCAA!!
  • Substantial doses of Lysine & Threonine(Extremely beneficial for recovery, yet often overlooked)
  • Supports muscle recovery and growth
  • Halts muscle protein breakdown
  • Bolsters immune system function
  • 3 mouth-watering flavors
  • Industry-first flavor -- OMG! (Orange Mango Grapefruit)
  • Electrolytes (including Pink Himalayan Salt) to support hydration and muscle function
  • No *FLUFF* or filler amino acids
  • Zero artificial colors / Zero stimulants / Zero proprietary blends

Who is Recover EAA for?

Recover EAA™ is for anyone (male or female, young or old) who eats right and trains hard, yet still struggles to feel fully recovered in the days after a grueling workout.

Recover EAA™ contains NO stimulants and can be taken any time of day to support muscle recovery and growth, including pre workout, post workout, or as a low-calorie between meal snack.

Recover EAA Ingredients

Leucine (5g)

Leucine really needs no introduction these days, especially in fitness circles. It’s the pride and joy of every amino acid formula and one of the main reasons whey protein is a staple for every athlete.

What makes leucine the proverbial belle of the ball (and BCAA) is its ability to stimulate the mechanistic target of rapamycin (mTOR).

mTOR is a cellular signaling pathway that which dictates cell metabolism, growth, proliferation, survival. mTOR is present in two complexes (mTORC1 and mTORC2), but for the purposes of muscle recovery and growth, the one we’re interested in is mTOR1 as it is responsible for muscle protein synthesis (i.e. muscle building).

Not only does leucine directly stimulate protein synthesis, it also stops muscle protein breakdown (a.k.a. catabolism), meaning it affects both factors that impact muscle growth.

Isoleucine (2.5g)

Isoleucine is similar in structure to leucine and can also stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Though, it’s not quite as potent of an “anabolic trigger” as leucine, which is why it’s known as leucine’s “weaker brother” in certain circles.

What it lacks in mTOR-stimulating power, it makes up for in other areas. More specifically, isoleucine is required for hemoglobin (the oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells) as well as blood sugar and energy regulation.

It even has been noted to enhance glucose uptake and utilization by skeletal muscle use during high-intensity exercise.

Valine (2.5g)

The oft-forgotten third member of the BCAA family, valine doesn’t garner quite as much discussion as leucine or even isoleucine. That’s because it’s relatively under-researched compared to the other two BCAAs.

However, valine has been noted to aid energy conversion glycogen synthesis in skeletal muscle, which helps combat catabolism.

Lysine (2g)


Most other EAA supplements on the market include 300mg lysine, at most.

Recover EAA™ supplies a heaping 2g of L-Lysine per serving.

So, why the high dose of lysine?

Well, in addition to its role is supporting protein synthesis (and thereby muscle growth and recovery), lysine also supports a number of other important biological processes, including:

  • Creation of antibodies, which are essential to immune system support.
  • Formation of collagen -- the protein that helps give structure and support to your skin and bones.
  • Binding agent
  • Wound healing
  • Formation of new blood cells
  • Absorption of calcium
  • Competitively inhibits uptake of arginine, reducing duration of HSV-1