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CARE VIEW N95 FFP2 Protective Face Mask (95% Particulate Filtration) (FDA & CE Approved)

  • FDA and CE Approved, GMP Certified Company, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, EN 149: 2001 + A1 : 2009
  • High Protection: High Protection against harmful pathogens, airborne irritants, dust, allergies and pollen
  • High Comfort: High Comfort with breathing fabric, flexible ear loops and easy fit nose clip.
  • High Efficiency : High Efficiency by close facial fit with a strong seal around the nose and mouth
  • Designed in France and Made In India

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Product description

Suitable for use in a broad range of Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, and healthcare applications. Care View N9| FFP2 Protective Mask provides 95% Particulate Filtration which filters Viruses, Bacterias and Air Pollution. 6 Layers: Spun Bond, Spun Lace, G25 Filter,G25 Filter, Melt Blown, Spun Bond POINTS TO NOTE : 1. Before use, store the mask in ts original packing. 2. Store in dry place away from Humidity 3. Storage Temperature Range -20 C to + 30 C 4. This mask doesn’t supply oxygen 5. Not suitable for harmful gasses and steam, hypoxic environments, underwater operations and fire fighting DIRECTIONS FOR USAGE: 1. Place the mask over your face with metallic strip side outward and upward 2. Position both the elastic bands behind your ear and cover till your lower chin. 3. Adjust it to your comfory and use your fingers to mould or press the metallic strip to the shape of your nose.

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